Best Lawn Mower for Thick Grass

Thick grass poses difficulties in cutting and requires a powerful and efficient lawn mower to achieve a clean and even cut. Choosing the best lawn mower for thick grass can make an impactful difference in achieving a pristine lawn. Considering their features, capabilities, and user reviews, you will be well-equipped to make a correct decision and ensure a beautifully maintained lawn.

Our Top Picks

LawnMaster 20V Lawn Mower

Best for Powerful Performance

The 13-inch rust-resistant deck provides ample cutting width, while the 5-cutting heights allow you to customize the length of your grass. This mower is equipped with 5.51-inch front and rear wheels and offers excellent maneuverability and stability on various terrains. 

The LawnMaster 20V Lawn Mower also features a 10-inch grass trimmer with a dual-line auto-feed trimmer head, making it convenient to trim and shape your lawn edges.


Brand: LawnMaster

Color:  Orange

Power Source: Battery Powered

Material: Metal

Style: Automatic Reel

Cutting Width: 13 inches

Operation Mode: Automatic

Number of Positions: 5


  • Powerful Performance
  • Rust-Resistant Deck
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights
  • Maneuverable Wheels
  • Convenient Trimmer Included


  • Battery Life Limitation

BLACK+DECKER Corded Lawn Mower

Best for Compact Design

Featuring an automatic feed spool, this mower ensures continuous operation without stopping or bumping. The built-in cord retention system prevents accidental disconnection, providing unlimited runtime for uninterrupted mowing.



Color:  Orange

Power Source: Corded Electric

Material: Alloy Steel

Style: Corded Lawn Mower

Cutting Width: 12 inches

Operation Mode: Automatic

Number of Positions: 12


  • 3-in-1 Functionality
  • Lightweight Design
  • Automatic Feed Spool
  • Compact and Easy to Store
  • Gasless Power


  • Not Suitable for Large Yards

YARDMAX 26 Speed Self-Propelled Mower

Best for Superior Speed Variability

With a simple shift of the 6-speed lever, you can adjust the mower’s pace to match your walking speed, providing effortless control and precision.

Equipped with exclusive rubber tires featuring an aggressive spike tread pattern, this mower offers superior traction and maneuverability on various terrains. The single-lever deck adjustment allows for quick and easy mowing height setting, while the 7 cutting heights ranging from 1.38 to 3.55 inches ensure versatility and flexibility.



Color:  Orange, Black

Power Source: Gasoline-Powered

Material: Alloy Steel

Style: Self Propelled

Cutting Width: 22 inches

Operation Mode: Automatic

Number of Positions: 7


  • CVT Speed Variability
  • Aggressive Traction Tires
  • Easy Deck Cleaning
  • Quick Deck Height Adjustment
  • Durable Double Ball Bearing Wheels


  • Limited Cutting Heights

EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower

Best for Long Runtime

With 7-position cutting height adjustments ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches, you can easily customize the length of your grass. The 3-in-1 function enables mulching, bagging, and side discharge options, providing versatility for lawn care needs. 

The quick and easy push-button start and bright LED headlights enhance the user experience.


Brand: EGO Power+

Color:  Green, Black

Power Source: Battery Powered

Material: Alloy Steel

Style: Touch Drive 

Cutting Width: 21 inches

Operation Mode: Automatic

Number of Positions: 7


  • Long Runtime
  • High-Efficiency Motor
  • Variable Speed Self-Propel
  • Versatile Cutting Heights
  • 3-in-1 Functionality


  • Battery Sold Separately

SWIPESMITH 12 Amp Electric Mower

Best for Convenient 2-in-1 Functionality

Featuring a 2-in-1 function, the SWIPESMITH lawn dethatcher has dethatching and scarifying blades. The dethatching blade removes thick layers of dead plants, while the scarifying blade cuts grass roots for thicker and healthier lawn growth. 

The stainless spring steel tines ensure maximum thatch pickup and long-lasting performance.



Color: Green

Power Source: Electric


Style: Electric

Cutting Width: 13 inches

Operation Mode: Automatic

Number of Positions: 4


  • Powerful Dethatching
  • 2-in-1 Function
  • Adjustable Depth Control
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Foldable Handle for Storage


  • Limited Working Path Width

Do You Need a Special Lawn Mower for Thick Grass?

Yes, using the best lawn mower for thick grass is recommended if you want optimal results. Specialized lawnmowers for thick grass typically have more powerful engines, sharper blades, and wider cutting decks to handle the extra resistance and provide efficient cutting. 

These features allow them to effectively handle dense, overgrown, or tough grass conditions, ensuring a cleaner and more even cut.

Buying Guide For The Best Lawn Mower for Thick Grass

Focus on cutting power, deck construction, cutting height adjustment, blade design, maneuverability, grass disposal options, maintenance, and durability. 

Cutting Power:

Thick grass requires a mower with strong cutting capabilities. Look for models with high horsepower and torque ratings. 

Gas-powered mowers tend to have more cutting power than electric or battery-powered ones. Additionally, consider the cutting width; a wider deck will help you cover more ground in less time.

Deck Construction:

The construction of the deck is another crucial aspect to consider. For cutting thick grass, opt for a mower with a durable deck made of steel or heavy-duty composite material. 

These materials can withstand cutting through dense grass without getting damaged. Avoid plastic decks, as they may crack or break under the strain of cutting thick grass.

Cutting Height Adjustment:

You need a lawn mower with adjustable cutting heights to tackle thick grass effectively. Look for models with multiple cutting height options, allowing you to raise or lower the cutting deck to accommodate different grass lengths. 

This flexibility will enable you to find the ideal cutting height for your thick grass, ensuring an even and well-maintained lawn.

Blade Design:

The design of the blades plays a significant role in cutting thick grass efficiently. Consider lawnmowers with high-lift blades or mulching blades. High-lift blades generate powerful airflow, which helps lift and cut the thick grass effectively. 

On the other hand, Mulching blades are designed to finely chop the grass clippings and distribute them back onto the lawn as a natural fertilizer.

Grass Disposal Options:

Consider the grass disposal options offered by the best lawn mower for thick grass. Some models have a rear bagging system, while others have side discharge or mulching capabilities. 

For thick grass, a rear bagging system can be useful to collect the clippings and prevent them from smothering the grass. However, if you prefer mulching, ensure the mower has a dedicated mulching mode to finely shred the grass clippings.

Maintenance and Durability:

A durable and low-maintenance lawn mower is desirable, especially when dealing with thick grass. Look for models with features like easy-to-clean decks, corrosion-resistant components, and durable wheels. 

Additionally, consider the availability of replacement parts and the manufacturer’s reputation for customer support. Regular maintenance, such as blade sharpening and oil changes, will also contribute to the longevity of the mower.


Lawnmowers come in a wide price range, and while higher-end models may offer advanced features, there are also affordable options that can effectively handle thick grass.

Brand Reputation:

Considering the reputation of the brand is crucial when buying a lawn mower. Established and reputable brands often have a history of producing reliable and high-quality products. 

Research customer reviews, ratings, and feedback about brands to gauge their performance and customer satisfaction levels.

User-Friendly Features:

Look for lawn mowers that offer user-friendly features to enhance your mowing experience. Features such as ergonomic handle designs, easy-start systems, and intuitive controls can make operating the mower more comfortable and convenient. 

Some models may include additional features like headlights for mowing in low-light conditions or adjustable handle heights to accommodate users of different heights.

Safety Features:

Safety should always be a top priority when operating machinery, including lawnmowers. Look for models incorporating safety features, such as blade brake systems, which stop the blade from spinning when the mower is unused. 

Other safety features include shields or guards to protect against debris ejection and automatic emergency shut-off mechanisms.

Storage and Portability:

Consider the storage space you have available and the portability of the lawn mower. If you have limited storage space, look for models that offer compact designs or folding handles for easy storage.

Noise and Emissions:

Lastly, consider the noise level and emissions of the lawn mower. If noise and emissions are a concern, consider electric or battery-powered options. However, keep in mind that electric mowers may have limited run times and require recharging.

Tips To Expand The Lifespan Of Your Lawn Mower

There are many tips to expand the lifespan of the best lawn mower for thick grass! Some are mentioned below:

Sharpen the Blades:

Dull blades can damage your lawn and strain the mower’s engine. Regularly inspect the blades and sharpen them as needed. Sharp blades will cut the grass cleanly and efficiently, reducing stress on the motor and improving the overall health of your lawn.

Adjust Mowing Height:

Adjusting the mowing height according to the season and grass growth can benefit your lawn’s health and your mower’s lifespan. Avoid cutting the grass very short, as this can stress the mower’s engine and expose the soil to excessive sunlight, leading to weed growth and other issues.

Use Clean Fuel:

Ensure you are using clean and fresh fuel in your lawn mower. Stale or contaminated fuel can clog the carburetor and fuel system, affecting the mower’s performance. Consider using fuel stabilizers to prevent fuel deterioration during periods of extended storage.

Store Properly:

Check and Adjust Belts:

Inspect the mower’s belts regularly for wear and proper tension. Loose or damaged belts can affect the mower’s performance and lead to premature failure. Adjust or replace the belts as needed to maintain optimal operation.

Avoid Overloading:

Don’t overload your lawn mower with heavy or wet grass. This can strain the engine and other components, potentially causing damage. Cut the grass into manageable sections and avoid pushing the mower beyond its capacity.

Lubricate Moving Parts:

Regularly lubricate the moving parts of your lawn mower, such as the wheels, bearings, and joints. 

This reduces friction, minimizes wear and tear, and helps the mower operate smoothly. Use lubricants recommended by the manufacturer for best results.

Avoid Cutting Wet Grass:

Cutting wet grass results in an uneven cut and puts strain on the mower’s engine. Wet grass clippings can clog the cutting deck, promoting rust and corrosion. Whenever possible, mow when the grass is dry to maintain the health of your lawn and mower.

Use the Mower on Level Ground:

Operating your lawn mower on uneven or steep terrain can put excessive strain on the engine, belts, and other components. Whenever possible, mow on level ground to reduce stress on the mower and prevent damage.

Keep the Cutting Deck Clean:

Regularly clean the cutting deck to remove grass clippings, dirt, and debris. A clean deck allows for better airflow, prevents rust formation, and ensures efficient grass-cutting. Use a brush or scraper to remove build-up after each use.

Protect the Cables:

Check the cables regularly for signs of wear or damage. Frayed or damaged cables can pose safety hazards and affect the mower’s functionality. Replace any damaged cables promptly to maintain safe operation.

Don’t Ignore Strange Noises or Vibrations:

These can be signs of underlying mechanical issues. Address the problems promptly to prevent further damage and extend the mower’s lifespan.


In conclusion, selecting the best lawn mower for thick grass is crucial for achieving outstanding results when dealing with thick grass. The best lawn mowers for thick grass combine powerful engines, sturdy build quality, and innovative features to effortlessly tackle the challenges of dense and overgrown lawns.

Considering factors such as cutting width, adjustable cutting height, mulching capabilities, and user-friendly design, you can find a lawn mower that will make mowing thick grass a breeze.

So, equip yourself with the right tool, follow proper mowing techniques, and enjoy the satisfaction of a beautifully manicured lawn that stands out even among the thickest grass.


How do you cut super thick grass?

Use a mower with high engine power and a sharp blade to cut super thick grass. Gradually lower the cutting height and mow in multiple passes to achieve a clean cut.

Is a heavier lawn mower better?

A heavier lawn mower can provide better traction and stability on uneven terrain but may be harder to maneuver. Consider your specific needs and the terrain of your lawn before deciding on a mower’s weight.

What size mower do I need for 1.5 acres?

For 1.5 acres, a mower with a cutting width of 42-54 inches is recommended. This size allows for efficient mowing while still being manageable regarding maneuverability.

What size mower is best for 2 acres?

The best size mower for 2 acres would typically be 54-60 inches cutting width. This size balances efficiency and maneuverability for effectively mowing a larger area.

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