How To Store Lawn Mower in Garage

How To Store Lawn Mower in Garage

If you were asking how to store lawn mower in garage? Well, read on this blog!

Want to know how to store lawn mower in garage? Remove debris, grass clippings, and dirt from the mower’s deck and undercarriage to easily store a lawn mower in a garage. Run the mower until the tank is empty to prevent stale fuel issues. 

Disconnect the plug to ensure safety and prevent accidental starting. Park the mower on a stable surface in an upright position to save space and prevent oil leaks. Use a breathable cover to protect it from dust and moisture. Inspect the mower during storage to ensure it remains in good condition.

Where is the Best Place to Store a Lawn Mower?

A garage or shed is ideal because it shields the mower from crazy temperatures, sunlight, and moisture. If you have to store it inside your home, ensure enough room. 

It is a must to avoid any accidental damage and keep it away from stuff like gasoline that could be harmful. Put it on a flat surface to avoid oil leaks and keep the blade sharp. And remember, clean and maintain it regularly before storing it so it stays in top shape and ready to use when needed!

Ways To Store Your Lawnmower In The Garage

You should know the answer to “how to store lawn mower in garage?” Before storing your lawnmower in the garage, it’s essential to clear out enough space. That is to create a dedicated “Mower Zone.” Remove any clutter, tools, or useless items from the chosen area to easily access the lawnmower and reduce the risk of accidental damage.

2. Elevating Off the Ground:

Investing in a mower stand or platform is a great way to store your lawnmower safely and efficiently. Elevating the lawnmower off the ground prevents potential water damage and rust, ensuring your equipment remains in top condition for the next mowing season.

3. Wall-Mounted Storage Solutions

Maximize your garage’s vertical space by using wall-mounted storage solutions. Wall hooks, racks, or specially designed mower brackets can help keep your lawnmower out of the way while providing easy access and uncluttering your garage floor.

4. Handling Gasoline Properly

Properly store your lawnmower’s fuel to avoid issues during the off-season. Add a fuel stabilizer to the main gas tank to prevent the gasoline from degrading and becoming ineffective. It’s also a good idea to run the lawnmower for a few minutes after adding the stabilizer to ensure it circulates through the fuel system.

5. Pest Prevention:

Avoid leaving any food or scraps in the garage to keep pests like rodents away from your lawnmower. Consider using pest repellents or traps to protect your equipment from any potential damage caused by pests.

6. Saving Space with Foldable Handles

If your lawnmower has foldable handles, use this feature to save space in your garage. Folding the handles down reduces the mower’s footprint and makes it easier to store the lawnmower alongside other equipment or vehicles.

7. Safe & Secure

Ensure the security of your lawnmower by using a lock or security chain. Garages can be vulnerable to theft, so taking this precaution can help protect your valuable equipment from potential theft.

8. Regular Inspection

Perform periodic inspections of your lawnmower while it’s in storage. Check for any issues of damage, rust, or pest activity. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent more significant problems and ensure your lawnmower’s longevity.

9. Teaching Kids about Garage Equipment

If you have children at home, educate them about the potential hazards of garage equipment, including lawnmowers. Ensure they understand the importance of not playing or tampering with the mower, even when stored.

10. Preparing for Colder Climates

For those in colder climates, it’s crucial to winterize your lawn mower properly.

11. Organize & Label

Maintain a tidy garage by organizing and labeling your storage spaces. This helps you find the lawnmower quickly and prevents accidents caused by stumbling over clutter or misplaced tools.

12. Check the Tires

Before storing your lawn mower, check the tire pressure and ensure it is inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended level. This helps prevent flat spots from developing over time and ensures your lawnmower is ready to roll once the mowing season resumes.

Following these storage tips, you can keep your lawnmower safe, well-maintained, and ready for action when the grass grows again! Now you know how to store lawn mower in garage.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Lawn Mower?

Well, here’s the deal: after every mowing session would be awesome, but hey, if that’s too much of a hassle, shoot for at least once a month while you’re out there mowing the lawn, enjoying that sunshine.

You gotta show some love to your trusty mower, you know? We don’t want those grass clippings and debris causing a ruckus with its performance.

Don’t forget about that air filter – it needs some attention too! A quick check and clean should do the trick.

A little wipe-down will keep it looking sharp, just like your freshly mowed lawn. Let’s keep that mower running like a champ, so you can keep rockin’ your lawn care game!


Can I store my lawn mower vertically?

Storing a lawn mower vertically isn’t recommended. It can cause oil and fuel leaks, damage the engine, and pose safety risks. Stick to horizontal storage to ensure your mower stays in good working condition.

Is it safe to store lawn mowers in the garage?

You can totally keep your lawnmower safe and sound in the garage! Just find a nice cozy spot where it won’t get all wet and sweaty, you know? No one likes a soggy lawn mower!

Can you store a lawn mower inside?

Absolutely! You can store your lawnmower inside, especially when it’s all chilly or rainy outside. Just find a cozy spot, keep it away from extreme temperatures or sunlight, and don’t forget to give it some love with proper maintenance before you store it.

Final Words

Alright, here’s the deal: when storing your lawn mower in the garage, you gotta follow some simple steps! Simply, give that mower a good clean-up. We hope now you know how to store lawn mower in garage. You can also try various other places to store your mower such as a basement.

Use up all the fuel or let it run out, so you don’t face any nasty stale fuel issues later. Grab a breathable cover to shield it from dust and moisture, keeping it fresh and clean. Check on your mower occasionally during its garage stay to ensure it’s holding up well.

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