Can a Lawn Mower Be Left in the Rain?

Can a Lawn Mower Be Left in the Rain?

Want to know, can a lawn mower be left in the rain? Read on this blog to know!

Many people ask the question, can a lawn mower be left in the rain? Well, you might think twice about leaving your lawn mower out in the rain. It can handle slight moisture, but too much rain can cause rust, corrosion, and mess with those electrical parts. Cover it up or find a dry spot to keep it happy!

What Should I Do if My Lawnmower Gets Wet?

If your lawnmower gets wet, disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starts. Then, remove excess water by wiping the surface with a dry cloth. Allow the mower to air dry in a covered area for at least 24 hours. 

Check for water inside the fuel tank, oil reservoir, or air filter, and drain if necessary. Inspect the spark plug and electrical components for moisture, ensuring they are dry before reassembling. After drying thoroughly, the lawnmower should be ready to use again.

Is It Okay To Keep a Lawn Mower Outside Permanently?

You don’t wanna keep your lawn mower outside all the time; trust me on this! It’s like asking for trouble. The weather’s gonna mess it up big time – think rust, corrosion, and parts going kaput. 

Find it a cozy spot in a shed or garage, like a shelter, where it can chill. That way, it’s safe from the rain, sun, and all the crazy weather, and your lawnmower will thank you by lasting way longer!

Is it Better to Mow the Lawn Before or After Rain?

Mowing the lawn after rain is the way to go! Mowing a wet lawn is a total mess – you’ll end up with uneven cuts and clumps of grass everywhere, not cool. But when the grass dries up after rain, that’s the time to bring out the mower. 

It’ll slice through the grass like a boss, giving you a neat and healthy-looking lawn. Be sure not to mow when muddy out there, or you’ll compact the soil and hurt those precious grasses. So wait for it to dry a bit, then mow like a pro!

What Happens When You Mow Wet Grass?

Let’s talk about mowing wet grass – it might seem like a quick fix to keep your lawn tidy after a rain, but hold up, there are some things you gotta know about this move.

1. Uneven Cuts:

So, when you mow wet grass, it gets clumpy. The mower blades struggle to slice through those damp clippings, and that’s when you end up with patches of grass at different heights. Yeah, not a good look for your lawn, my friend.

2. Grass Clumping:

Mowing wet grass makes those clippings stick together, and guess what? They smother the grass below! Sunlight and air can’t get through, and bam! You’ve got bare spots or a disease party on your lawn.

3. Potential Lawn Damage:

We gotta be gentle with our lawns, you know? Mowing wet grass can mess up the soil ’cause it’s all soft and easily compacted. When that happens, air and water can’t flow as they should, and that’s not cool for grass growth and roots.

4. Spread of Lawn Diseases:

Wet grass is like a breeding ground for lawn diseases. And when you mow wet grass, those diseases can hitch a ride on the mower and spread all around your lawn. Not good news for your grass’s health, my friend.

5. Mower Strain:

Mowing wet grass makes them work harder than they should. All that extra effort can lead to more wear and tear on the mower’s parts. And let’s be honest; nobody likes frequent trips to the repair shop.

6. Safety Hazards:

Mowing wet grass can be a risky business. The ground is slippery, and you might be doing a not-so-fabulous slip-and-slide routine. Those clumps of wet grass can clog up your mower deck, making you stop and clean up way more often.

Can I Leave My Lawn Mower Outside in the Winter?

So, winter’s here, and you’re thinking about what to do with your lawnmower, right? Leaving it out in the cold might sound like an easy solution, but hold up! I’ve got some crucial tips and tricks you need to know before you make that call.

1. Periodic Checks:

Hey, don’t forget about your mower completely during winter! Now and then, peek at it to ensure the cover’s in place and no critters have turned it into their cozy winter home.

2. Consider a Storage Shed or Box:

If storing your mower outside is a recurring problem, maybe it’s time to invest in a sweet storage shed or box. They’ll shield your mower from the elements and give it a longer, happier life.

3. Elevate It Off the Ground:

To keep your mower dry, raise it off the ground. Grab some wooden blocks or bricks and create a cool little stand. This way, it won’t sit in any puddles or snow, and you’ll avoid rust and corrosion.

4. Remove the Battery:

Does your lawnmower have a battery? If so, take it out before storing it outside during winter. Cold weather can mess up the battery’s performance. Store it inside where it’s cool and dry.

5. Empty the Fuel Tank:

Before saying goodbye to your lawn mower for the winter, empty that fuel tank! Leaving fuel in there can cause trouble – fuel degradation, clogged fuel lines, and carburetor woes. So, use the fuel or get rid of it and run the engine until it stalls to clear out any leftovers.

6. Change the Oil:

Give your mower some fresh oil before winter storage. Old oil can have nasty stuff that might harm the engine during the hibernation months. Keep your engine happy and protected with a new batch of oil.

7. Clean the Mower Thoroughly:

Show some love to your lawnmower before you part ways for winter. Clean off all the grass clippings, dirt, and debris from the deck, undercarriage, and blades. Get in there with a brush or compressed air to make it squeaky clean!

8. Inspect and Replace Worn Parts:

Here’s a pro tip: check your lawnmower for any worn-out parts. If you spot any, swap them out for fresh ones. That way, your mower will be in top-notch shape when needed in the spring.

9. Cover Air Vents:

If you leave your mower outside, block those air vents with a cloth or tape. That’ll stop snow and moisture from sneaking inside the engine.

10. Keep it Sheltered from Wind:

Don’t forget about the wind! Find a spot sheltered from strong winds if your lawnmower is stuck outside. Wind Gusts can blow debris onto the mower, causing unnecessary wear and tear. Hope so – Now you know, can a lawn mower be left in the rain?


Is it OK to leave a lawn mower outside?

Not really. Leaving your lawn mower outside all the time isn’t great. Rain, sun, and all that weather stuff can mess it up. Store it under cover if you can!

Will rain damage a riding lawn mower?

Rain can be a problem for your riding mower. It might cause rust and mess up the electrical bits. Cover it up or find a dry spot to keep it safe!

Is a mower waterproof?

Well, not entirely. Mowers can handle a bit of moisture, but they’re not superheroes against water. If it’s pouring outside, don’t leave it exposed. Use a waterproof cover or keep it indoors.

Final Words

So there you have it, my lawn-loving friend! Leaving your lawn mower outside during rain isn’t ideal, but sometimes life happens. Follow these tips and tricks to help your mower survive the rainy season and ensure it’s in top shape for the warmer days ahead. We hope now you know the answer to “can a lawn mower be left in the rain?”

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